Videos: Catching

Catchers are the “field generals” of the defense as they can control the game and provide leadership for the team. Being a catcher requires a unique set of skills, such as specific stances based on the game situation, receiving, and blocking. Whether you are a coach or player use the videos below to develop your skills and take your game to the next level.

Catching Fundamentals

Signal Stance

Fielding Bunts

Receiving Stance

Fielding Bunts Drill

Blocking & Throwing Positions

Catching Pop Ups

Blocking Drills

Receiving Drills

Framing & Receiving

Two Ball Receiving Drill

Everyday Receiving Drills

MLB Receiving Drills

Blocking Drills

Everyday Blocking Drills

MLB Blocking Drills

Fun Blocking Drills

Tennis Racket Blocking Drills

Throwing Drills

Throwing to Bases Drills

Improve Footwork & Throwing

MLB Cacthers Footwork

Reduce Pop Times

Fielding Bunts and Pop Ups

Fielding Bunt Drills

Fielding Bunts 101

Pop Up Drills

Learn from a Pro